Payroll Solutions help to unify your and HR technology with DCAA-compliant ERP systems. Data accuracy and insight through advanced HR technology and superior service is critical for any government contractor. Payroll, HR, talent, benefits, compliance, and workforce management should be delivered in a unified platform that increases retention and productivity. Features to consider include:

·       Outsourced Payroll

·       Employee Self-service

·       ACA Compliance

·       Online Benefits Enrollment

·       Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

·       Electronic Onboarding

·       HR Consulting & Support

Benefits of a good payroll provider include:

Certified Payrolls – Assured Agency compliance by paying clients with provide originals for notarization and submission by your company

Paychecks/direct deposits –covers costs and timely schedules of paycheck and direct deposits, guaranteeing accuracy with taxes, deductions and garnishments.

Payroll Preparation – Processes all aspects of payroll, from input to check production and related transactions, with comprehensive management reports.

Departmentalized payroll – Assists in determining costs for different portions of payroll (eg. Administration, marketing…etc.) enabling your company to implement changes designed to maximize output and profits.

Tax withholding and deposits – All Tax payments, quarterlies, and deposits are the responsibility of payroll provider, releasing your company from obligations to compliance, paperwork, deadlines, and the severe penalties associated with any misfiling.

Benefits and deductions – All Medical Insurance, Child Support, Wage Garnishments, Benefits, and other deductions are processed by the payroll provider.

State-of-the-art job cost reports – Job Costing Reports allow you to see the breakdown of what each Job is costing them. These reports may be provided for a specific payroll, period, job, or for an overview of all jobs and can be detailed for each employee; whatever your company needs to know in order to maximize their profits and minimize spending.

Union reports – Most unions tend to request multiple reports, weekly and monthly. Your provider should be experienced in all of the numerous required reports, including Workforce Utilization and EEOs.

Audits (Workers’ Compensation/General Liability/Union) – Audits should be done in-house by your payroll provider, saving your company time and money.